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General Information

ISRC is held twice a year.
The papers sent to be presented at the congress are evaluated by two referees. Referees are determined according to the blind referee system.
Participants who register for the congress can submit a maximum of two papers.
Submission Process

The congress proceedings acceptance process will operate as follows:

(1) Uploading the paper from the application system,
(2) The notification is sent to the referees,
(3) Notification of the notification accepted by the referees to the owner of the notification,
(4) The paperholders pay the participation (participation and accommodation) fees,
(5) Sending the acceptance document to the paper owners.

Congress Presentation Presentation Rules

Participants cannot submit their papers other than the presentation date and time determined by the congress organizing committee.
Paper owners must be present at the relevant hall 15 minutes before the deadline for presentation.
If the paper is not presented, the paper is not included in the congress summary / full text book.
The congress participation certificate is delivered to the presenter after the session in which he participated.
In the congress, badges, congress bags and other gifts are given to those who present orally.
Those who want to attend the congress as a listener must pay the registration fee.
The abstract should consist of a maximum of 500 words, and should be sufficient to provide information about the purpose of the study, the research questions, the method and the findings. Abstracts should be prepared by considering the template presented below.
The body of the paper should not exceed 4000 words (summary and references are not included). References should not exceed 500 words. Abstracts should be prepared by considering the template presented below.